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Herbal Treatments Do They Work


Do Herbal Treatments Actually Work?

Lifespans of citizens of most industrialized nations have risen steadily since World War II. Economic growth and general political stability have been a large part of this, as there have not been conflicts consuming millions of lives. Improvements in medical science and especially nutrition have also helped with the boost in longevity that many enjoy.

Unfortunately, the increase in lifespans combined with increasingly sedentary lifestyles has created a whole host of new problems, as people are more unfit with every passing year. Chronic ailments afflict many, particularly heading into middle age and the elderly years. Modern medicine still has many options, with more every year, but some consumers wind up turning towards alternative medicine and things like herbal supplements.

This is quite understandable, as Western medicine does not actually incorporate many things known for some time to Eastern medicine, largely because it does not always come from a scientific background. However, some patients tired of high medical costs and being over-prescribed are left wondering if they can’t find herbal remedies that are cheaper, and possibly even more effective should they not carry high risk or serious side effects.

So, the question is, do herbal treatments actually work?

There is no clear-cut answer, as it very much is decided on a case by case basis.

Herbal supplements are widely available for practically every kind of ailment or condition. You can easily find them on the shelves of any store with a health and beauty section. Far more are for sale online. Most, if not all of them, will point to studies and research saying they are effective for certain things.

The truth is, many of them are. The research and studies that are quoted are usually worth a quick look. However, reading needs to be careful, as words are sometimes mindfully chosen to promote the supposed benefits, and sometimes the research is done by industry advocates or promotional groups, not pure scientists or objective research institutions.

While you might be considering herbal treatments and supplements as a way to avoid artificial or synthetic prescriptions, or to save money from modern medicine, your doctor or personal physician is still the person to probably best consult in regards to any supplements you are considering starting. While supplements are not an integral part of Western medicine, that’s not to say it hasn’t started looking at herbal possibilities in recent years and decades.

A major appeal of herbal supplements is decades and even centuries of anecdotal evidence in their support from many different nations and even multiple civilizations. Researchers involved in evidence-based medicine have certainly taken note and done studies on more herbal supplements than you might think, so your doctor will either have knowledge or access to knowledge regarding what supplements can help with certain conditions, and also very importantly what levels of such supplements are safe for you to consume. You can also get a reasonable idea of side effects to anticipate.

Herbal supplements are worth a try for many conditions, given that they are often far more natural and easier on the body than mass-produced pharmaceuticals. They can also be cheaper too. However, they’re not automatically effective or safe at high doses, so talk to your doctor about any particular one you have in mind. He or she can help you learn where there’s any overlap between modern medicine and herbal traditions.