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Four Things To Keep In Mind When Selling Your Home


This article is a little off the blogs’ topics, but in the past few years, I have watched many people around me sell their homes in record time.

Unfortunately, some people do not bode as well when placing their property up for sale. It’s probably because they forgot to consider these four points.

1. The Place Should Be Clean

I do not mean that you should go through and do a five-minute quick cleaning. It would be in your best interest to hire a professional to come in and take care of this for you. The equipment they have will be far more powerful when it comes to ridding your home of dirt and debris. A sparkling home is far more appealing to buyers than one that is dusty and visibly unclean.

2. Hire A Realtor To Sell Your Place

It is hard to see people come into your home and verbally rip it to shreds. This is why you should hire a real estate agent to not only sell your home, but also help you find the next one. Whether you believe this or not, there are actually people who have refused to sell their home to potential buyers because they did not like comments that were made during the walk-through. A realtor will be able to remain neutral and not allow feelings to get involved. They also have a good knowledge of the houses for sale in the local area and insight on pricing and negotiations.

3. Add A Bathroom

If you have the extra money to invest, I would suggest adding a bathroom. This is particularly useful if you have a home that is only equipped with one. Buyers tend to focus on bathrooms and kitchens a great deal when they are looking around. The more bathrooms you have, the more appealing people will find the place.

4. Put Your Things In Storage

I have been inside many homes that were for sale, and there is one thing that really irks me. I cannot stand walking into a room and seeing pictures on the walls and other personal effects. When I see a place, I like to close my eyes for a moment and imagine living there with my family. This is fairly tricky to do when thoughts of your portraits invade my brain.

While I have never sold a home, I have been around numerous people who have, and I have been on the buying end several times. Trust me when I say that keeping all of this in mind will make a huge difference.